Toca Lab: Plants App Reviews

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A little creepy actually super creepy

Ok this game has creeped me out since the beginning of this game first of all there are not a lot plants why? You Toca Boca killed the other plants that should be in the game second of all the plants can fart why? I think that you you have secret code in all plants butt if they fart they open their mouth and eat you and and you make huge then they fart and eat you soon they are the size of galactus 😋🌏 help

This was not enough

I enjoyed it but it needs some more stuff

Can you please make a Toca Life Futanari app?

I would love that. If you look up futanari you will know why I want this kind of app to be made.

I️ want a refund!

I bought this game for my son to play in the bundle with both Toca labs games but about 20 mind later we didn’t have toca elements anymore and I thought he had accidentally deleted toca elements so I went back into the App Store to download it again and it’s says I never bought it but I didn’t get any money back.

Need help

Hi I love this game but it takes a long time for me to figure out the combos to make the plants can you please add clues I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading🙂

Ladysparklez909 here

Ok here’s the thing I got this in the bundle for both this and he elements one and honestly they are both PRETTY boring after 2 days. Don’t waste the money.


I️ am a fan of toca life apps I️ was thinking maybe they could do a toca life fairy tale with a huge castle with princesses and an enchanted forest with fairies or maybe a ocean with mermaids and cool stuff like that

Pls add an aquatic plant bit to this

So there basically would be every station except for the watering station and to get to it you would press an arrow pointing the other way from the exit one and to get back from the aquatic plant lab you would press a green arrow pointing the same way as the exit one also if you do add the aquatic plant lab move the algae into it (watermelon snow sea lettuce marimo all those) also an aquatic plant I would love to see is the water wheel plant

Add more plants for X-Mas!!

I love this app and just doodle around with it when I’m bored, but it needs more plants! Something for Christmas would be neat!

I love It!

I mean, I really really enjoy this app. Like I play it a lot of the time, also, it would be really cool if you add more plants, and more things to do with the plants, instead of 6 things on the shelf, there should be other sorts of other things to make the plants and what not. I’ve already made all the plants, so I’m just waiting for more plants to come!

This app is great!

I think that this app is great! And I think that more plants should be added!


This game makes it REALLY hard to make any new plants, but is otherwise fun.


Hey dose anyone know what the new updates purple twisty that creates new plants is I am super confused!! Also buy this game it is addicting even for older people !!😜😜😋😋

More plants PLEASE!! :D

This app is great for understanding the species of plants that correspond with their characterized characteristics. I love how creative the plant designs are! Experimenting with the plants and they’re behaviors is really neat. Keep the plants coming! ;D


When I heard that the game was coming out I got so exited! Then I bought it, and I was surprised because I thought that there would be more things you could do to make the plant change. But I was still happy about it, It is a really fun game. Worth every penny, 🤑

My seven-year-old loves this. I think it's fun too!

My son likes this game even better than Toca lab, which is saying a lot because that is one of our favorites! Really fun characters and crazy hybrids you can make, plus all of the main plantsare real plants just funny little designs of them.

New game idea

Could you please make Toca Carnival next? Thanks!

One thing that I'm pretty sure you'll update

I love every single Toca Boca game, I got this one today, and already completed it! I'd really like for there to be more plants, like in Toca Lab: Elements! I'm pretty sure you will have done this already in the future.


I can't get it on my iPhone 4 so not that great but on my iPad mini it's ok


OK ᔕO ᖴIᖇᔕT I ᒪOᐯE YOᑌᖇ GᗩᗰEᔕ ᗷᑌT TᕼIᔕ GᗩᗰE ᗯᗩᔕ ᗷOᖇIᑎG ᔕO I TᕼIᑎK TᕼᗩT YOᑌ ᔕᕼOᑌᒪᗪ ᗰᗩᒍE ᗰOᖇE TOᑕᗩ ᒪIᖴEᔕ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗰᗩKE ᗩ ᗯᗩTEᖇ ᑭᗩᖇK


MORE.....plants!!!🌲🌵🌱🌿🍃🍀☘️ new please More games the games should be less 💰 money 💰 3$ for this game when u could finish it in one day no hate just less money and more plants please it could use a update for more plants though......❤️😬


Dear Toca Boca, This is Madison, a normal 11 year old that realized this made plant stuff fun. Well life isn't like this and I was on it all night. Took me long enough to use the watering can though.


It's good for quick games but I want my money back


I feel like this game was rushed


This game is ok... I'm not quite so sure why everyone is making a huge deal how it's an amazing game. It is FUN, but quite honestly a waste a money. I got all the plants in one day, and it's cool to see what the new plants are and how to make them, but it's overall kind of boring. I deleted it after I unlocked all the plants. Toca boca could've done much better.


I love this game and I'm like 11 it's so fun for everybody hopefully you guys continue what you do


I love this app! Once you have completed the list of plants you can create new ones. But i think when the game is updated you should let us write down the name of the new plant, because I made one and loved it but I couldn't keep because I wanted to make more, so yeah.


I love it! It's so cute and simply HILARIOUS!! 😂

Amazing game!

I love this game and I'm 10!!! I totally recommend this app for all ages! My only problem is I can't figure out how to use the watering can. I know what to do but not how to do it. Help me with this one tiny problem please! But other wise awesome app!!!!😍

Watering can

I figured out the watering can! If anyone is wondering you use it when you make the little baby plants. Use the spinner thing to make the tiny baby plants and then tap on one of the pots more in the background of the home area. Then you water the plants in the pots.


Hi I love this game it's so fun and taught me about plants and some others say not enough more pots please or save and name fusions I agree with them regardless but I know this game came like a week ago so it will be updated so if possible try to think how long ago it came out besides they updated the elements game

Very fun game

I wish that there was a new feature where I could see a real photograph of that specific plant or tree

Whats the point?'😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

I mean the game is ok but like where is this going?!!! There is no point


The game is fun but I'm done finding all the species . What do I do now ?


Most of the plants are really cute! Toca did a great job!

So much fun!

I'm older than the given age range and I still loved playing this game! I especially like that these are all real species of plants, stylized into lovable characters. Each plant has its own unique appearance and personality. The game only has a few minor issues or things that could be improved. The main problem is that it's rather short, lacking anything to do after you collect every plant. It could definitely use something to do afterwards. I read some of the other reviews and someone suggested adding a shop portion where people would request plant hybrids and you would have to fill out the orders. I think this edition be a really fun solution to the shortness issues! It would be especially fun if it didn't show what plants you needed, so you would have to put thought into what you needed to mix. Speaking of the plant hybrids, I really wish there were a way to catalogue your creations. As a kid I loved drawing monsters and coming up with funky names for them, even now I still do. I'm sure there are other people out there who love to do that, too. I also really wish this were more of a "find it out yourself" game. All the plants have little notes next to them showing what they like as soon as you unlock them. It would have been way more fun to find that out myself. I found myself doing my best to ignore those little notes so that I could enjoy playing around with the plant and figuring out what it liked on my own. Something that also would have been more fun is if the game had more emphasis on growing the plants. You put sun on a plant, it spits out a seed, the seed cracks open into a fully grown plant creature. I wish the seed would become a cute little sprout in a pot and you had to water it, put the sun lamp on it or feed it to grow it to the next stage, and the next stage, and so on until it's a full grown, wacky looking plant monster. When the game said you "evolved" the plants, I thought something like this is was what it meant. To be honest, nothing in the game screams evolution to me. None of the plants evolve into another version, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if my definition of evolution is different than the developer's. So, the game is really fun, but it's super short, lacks much of an end-game and could benefit from some content editions. I'll give it four out of five for now, but if the developers update it with some more end-game content and a hybrid plant catalog, then I'll reevaluate it and I bet it'd be five stars!

I'm not sure it's worth the money!

I'm not sure it's worth the money it only lasted me 30 minutes before I finished it I don't know why I have it now.It was fun while it lasted.I think it should be free.

Such Fun!

I've never been disappointed by an app from Toca Boca, thought I am substantially older than the demographic for this app, it is a great game to play when I'm bored, or before bed. Can't wait for the next app!

Horrible 😩

Not much plants finished in a quarter of a day work on more plants 😞

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💚💜

LOVE!! This game so good!!! but I think it's a little short I beat it the day I got it, also the watering can is for the when you plant little plants in the pot


I love this game! I think it would be cool that if when you create the mystery plants you should be able to give them their own name and then there is the mystery section where all of the mystery plants that you've made go! Keep up the great work!

Very easy and short. Expected more

I never got a toca game before this and I heard they were fun. It was, but it was WAY too easy and I beat it in 20 minutes. I thought it would be longer too.

I Love This Game!:Questions Below

First off, I Love this game!! But Here are some questions I have: 1. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE WATERING CAN?? It's driving me crazy! I keep trying to water my plants and it isn't working!! 2. Maybe you could add more plants? Within the first 2-3 hours of playing I got all the plants. 3. Maybe you could add more pots and, like another reviewer said, a separate page for the hybrid plants and the option to name the hybrids. That is all! Remember, this isn't a hate review, it's just questions and suggestions! Always remember that I love this game! Bye! ~TamasumaTime

Awesome but over

Great but got all of the plants now what..... I hope you come out with more to a games maybe someday be free.👅💗😃😥👏🏻👍🏻

Love it but want more

I love this game but sadly I've already found all of the plants. I wish it was more like the other Toca Lab where you can make tons of elements, also some of these plants I've never heard of are they all real? And what's the point of the watering can its driving me crazy. BUY THIS GAME IM 13 AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

Amazing Game!!!!!

I LOVE this game and I'm 11! I highly recommend this game and all the other Toca baca games!!!My 4 year old cousin loves the Toca baco games SOO much that every time I see him he always says can we play Toca Boca on my iPad he's absolutely in love with Toca boca!!!!This game is so much fun and all the other Toca boca games and there for all ages!!!!!I give this app 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!


It Is 100 times better (in my opinion) than Toca lab elements!!

Great Game

I love Toca Boca and their games, but for me, this game was too short!! Great game though!

Best app yet

I LOVE this game! And the best thing about this is it's only $2.99! It's worth it!

Botany fun! Suggestions...

This app is so much fun and I enjoy it. Let's just say I am not in the 6-8 range but I still enjoy and i think anybody of any age can enjoy it! With that said I have a few friendly suggestions: - more plant pots - another personal page for the hybrids you have saved (when you make a hybrid you can have a choice to save it) - be able to name your hybrids And that is all I have for you guys! This is a great app and I highly recommend it especially for kids! (They even have the names of a real plant and everything)

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